Astrology is often degraded to mere fortune telling

In today's modern western world astrology is often degraded to mere fortune telling, and thought of as having something to do with gypsies or others that make their living from the fears and superstitions of the general populace. There are many so-called psychics, astrologers, and the like out there that it's no wonder astrology is not given the respect it deserves in the minds of modern men and women.

The science of astrology dates back to the Vedic times of ancient India. The ancient seers had accurate information of the movements of the heavenly bodies, their relations to each other, and how these movements would affect a person's life. Verily astrology is the father of modern day astronomy. Unfortunately modern day astronomy for the most part does not consider how the movements of the planets and stars affect us on earth, or how they can give us knowledge about ourselves individually, and collectively. Many have seen the validity of astrology on a mundane level to understand how career, finances, relationships, etc. will manifest, but to think that this is the end-all of this great science is missing the higher meaning. It should make one think toward a higher purpose in life.

Astrology is based on the science of reincarnation, or transmigration of the soul. According to one's actions in the previous lifetime, or lifetimes, one enjoys, or suffers in this one. For every action there is an equal, or greater, reaction. This is known as the law of karma. What is to come in this life can be accurately foretold by the positions of the stars and planets at the time of birth. This is known as the astrological horoscope. We can understand the level of intellectual capacity possessed, as well as talents, capabilities, and best directions for an individual to take in order to achieve success in life.This is not just materially, but also on an astral and spiritual level.

Therefore astrology is meant to make us think about our true spiritual nature for the goal of human life is self-realization. What is the point of repeating birth after birth only to immerse ourselves in materialism time and time again? Astrology teaches us that we are not these bodies, but eternal, immutable spirit souls. Only the body is born and dies. For the soul there is no birth or death. If I must give up everything I've worked so hard for in this life at the time of death, then my work in acquiring material things is obviously not the goal. Any sane person can understand that at the time of death, or leaving the present body, everything in relation to the body is finished. We cannot take anything of this world with us. Therefore it should lead us on a quest to discover transcendence, or our spiritual nature, for this is eternal.

To stir one into spiritual contemplation is the real message and usefulness of the holy science of astrology. It is of the utmost importance in life that we discover our true selves, and our true nature of happiness and love. How to do so? The Vedas give us so many ways of advancing on the path, as do the higher precepts of all religions. The real problems of material life are birth, death, old age, and disease. Is there a way to solve these problems? Most assuredly, there is, and it is our birthright to know the answers. We must learn to balance physical, emotional, and spiritual health to live a complete, happy, and satisfying life. A qualified astrologer can help a person to understand what has been brought into this life, and how to shape destiny by attracting positive forces and repelling negative ones enabling maximum use of all God-given potentials. The result is greater clarity of perception toward inner happiness, peace of mind and a healthy, progressive lifestyle.

Howard Beckman (Hamsavatar das) is a director of the Vedic Cultural Fellowship and Pecos Valley Yoga and Ayurveda Center. He was trained in India for over a decade and has been a practicing Vedic Astrologer and Planetary Gemologist for over 30 years. He is the author of three leading books on the Vedic Sciences and is recognized as the sole gemologist in the U.S., who is also expert in the field of Vedic astrology and gem therapy. His most recently manufactured Balaji GL108 Navaratna Gem Lamp combines all of this knowledge and is the latest most innovative technology available on the market today. Being considered one of the world’s foremost authorities in both jyotish and ayurvedic gem therapy he is often consulted by other Vedic astrologers and ayurvedic practitioners for opinions and recommendations of gems for their clients.

Howard still consistently travels and works dividing his time between the US, the UK and India, as well as, maintaining a busy astrological practice seeing clients from all over the world, and does many consultations for clients by telephone and mail.

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Power of Spirituality to Nation's Strength

When all elements of the organization is considered have black stain, then who can strengthen a nation building in modern era, nothing else that can strengthen the personal power of the people that spiritual quality. Because the spiritual is rooted strength to all national and state behavior. All men will adhere to spiritual promptings. If this problem means that fundamental change is the change in spiritual cultivation to all elements of society with the spiritual good. Making people have a good quality in the adoption of spiritual values.

because many of mankind sick and did not realize would hurt so, the person does not want to come to the doctor to take medication, what happens is grow disease recurrence and pain worse. Many people are guilty but he does not feel wrong, and even on the contrary considers that done is correct so that the longer the fault is increasingly rampant. The spirit of a cure is not shared by some modern people who do not want to do good and benefit of others. Even those who criticized the wrong one then they regard as a rival, this is what makes mistakes increases later to death incurably.


Modern Spirituality

The world is at cross roads today. On the one hand unprecedented advance in science and technology during the last one decade is making life more comfortable and enjoyable. On the other hand man's evil qualities like greed, egoism and jealousy are threatening to tear the world apart.

All problems confronting us can be placed under two categories. One category consists of problems arising out of unbridled materialism- people thinking that the only goal of life is to amass wealth and enjoy all the pleasures of life. These people think that money is the be all and end all of human existence and that while earning money the end justifies the means. Someone rightly remarked that those who believe money is everything would do everything for money. Thus we have corruption, extortion, murder, rape and exploitation.

The other category represents problems arising out of religious fundamentalism and factionalism-people claiming exclusive rights over god and forcing their concept of god on others and people who for some reasons believe that they are unique and need a place only for themselves and cannot coexists with others.

Violence taking place is the name of religion is most unfortunate as all religions preach peace, love, compassion and brotherhood of man. In this context, the message of ancient Indian scriptures is particularly relevant. Since time immemorial the ancient scriptures have been proclaiming that Truth is one but wise men call it by many names. But some people think that they can patent God and this attitude leads to intolerance and conflicts.

The Indian scriptures have laid down the goals of human life. They are Dharma-moral code of conduct Artha-material prosperity, Kama-fulfillment of desires and Moksha-self realization. But today's man has almost forgotten Dharma and Moksha and is busy pursuing Artha and Kama.

There is nothing wrong in earning money through legitimate means and enjoying the pleasures of life. But man should not forget the ultimate goal of human life, which is self-realization. The richest people in the world are not necessarily the happiest people. When someone told Yogananda (an Indian Guru who stayed in the USA for a long time) that he is disgustingly wealthy and disgustingly healthy Yogananda shot back and said "but you are not disgustingly happy". Many rich people ruin their lives by turning into bad habits to get the maximum "kick" out of life.

That money by itself cannot guarantee happiness is evident by the fact that many rich people flock to ashrams and gurus going through many hardships instead of staying in air-conditioned rooms. The fleeting sensual pleasures cannot satisfy the longing of the human soul, which is seeking lasting happiness. Human mind is always restless and when it gets something it longs for something else. It is clear that man cannot be happy by trying to satisfy his senses and mind..

In order to fight the monsters of religious fundamentalism and uncontrolled materialism it is necessary for followers of different religions to come together. It is also essential to modify the educational system in every country to incorporate spirituality into the curriculum. True spirituality is about discovering ourselves and has nothing to do with the rites and rituals of various religions. While there is no need to oppose any particular ritual that is harmless, it is important to teach young children that it is absolutely foolish to fight in the name of God and religion. Using many examples we can convince them that there is a greater power responsible for creating this world and that people of different countries and religions call it by different names. We should teach tolerance and acceptance of all religions while encouraging everyone to continue in his religion. It is futile to try to convert others to our religion when we do not follow it ourselves. It is enough if every person becomes a true follower of his religion.

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West secularism and emptiness spirituality

In this modern era, the human obsession with worldly colors appear more dominant than the spiritual. Advances in technology, science and all worldly things, are rarely accompanied by spiritual values. As a result, the soul becomes dry, empty and in need of spiritual cleansing that can menyejukkannya. Emptiness soul as negated the impact of modern civilization things that are spiritual (ruhiyyah) and the removal of the values (ma'nawiyyah) gradually in human life.

Modern humans try to live with the visible nature. They even tried to kill God and declare freedom from the life hereafter. As a result of human power and experience externalization. Next to this human externalization conquer and exploit the world arbitrarily without limit. Modern humans create a new relationship with nature through a process of natural desakralisasi. Nature is seen not just Iebih of objects and resources should be utilized and exploited optimally, treating nature like a whore, enjoy and exploit nature for the satisfaction of himself without a sense of duty and responsibility of any kind.

Islamic tradition insists that nature is a theophany (tajalliy) that enveloped the Lord and at the same time revealing the greatness of God. Natural environment are the signs (verses) of God which was (al-syuhud), which lay revelation (al-Qur'an al-takwini) of this universe, in addition to the written revelation (al-Qur'an al-tadwini ) ie the Qur'an in the form of Scripture.
In other words, God is "environment" surrounding the highest human and overcome. The Qur'an itself calls God as Al-Muhith (The Multipurpose Cover).

Awareness of the ihatah of Allah, is an attempt to bridge the gulf that separates man from the Lord. By implementing all the obligations of the Shari'a and reproduce dhikr to remember him, trying to minimize the difference between the Glory of God and the human spirit is dirty because of the influence of passion, in essence, the human soul cleaning dirt from all forms of lust and cleansing influence to re-remember (dhikr ) to the Lord. Given the reality of God is to experience Him as Al-Muhith over all creation. Remembering God as al-Muhit is aware of the sanctity of quality continuous nature, natural phenomena as the verses of God. And the presence of the natural environment can be perceived as an integral part, when the values ila hiyyah always present in him.

It means a man of religion or spirituality true believer, always felt a connection with God and this gave birth to a responsibility for environmental conservation.
Thus, no other environmental crises caused by human rejection of God as "al-Muhit" the real, which surrounds and maintain their lives. Destruction of the environment stems from the attitude of modern humans who view nature as something that stands alone and apart from the "Environment" Divine.

Islam regards men functioned as a carefree fatullah in the earth, where everything he does must be a devotion (worship) to Him because of the nature of its creation it as' Abdullah (servant of God). As a servant of God, man must be passive in the face of God and receive whatever grace ¬ derived from Him. Meanwhile, as the caliph of God, man must be active in the world, maintain the natural harmony, and disseminate rahmatTuhan which revealed to him


Alternative way of spirituality modern

positivistic and empirical main features of modernity, assume: Religion is just the remnants of human childhood experiences that continue to take as adults. In the adult personality, devotion to religion is a sign of pathology, the ability to think logically low. God does not exist because it can not be observed either by microscope or telescope.

This: the logical result of the modernization of the West made a century since the Renaissance. Modernism requires a clear distinction between religion and secular life issues, such as economics, politics, science and others, which in turn gave birth to understand the secular modernism which calls for the separation of religious affairs and problems of life.

The negative impact of modernization has given birth multikrisis who have never experienced in previous centuries. Crisis of meaning in life, spiritual emptiness, and the removal of religion from human life almost all people descend on this earth.

Nas) r, directly witnessed the negative excesses of modernization in the West. Western (source of crisis) now feel the multi-dimensional crisis. To get out of this crisis, Nas) r call upon them to return to the spiritual wisdom of religion and restrict ourselves in the pursuit of worldly pleasures, controlling appetite, become rational humanism and attention to their neighbors, both human and nonhuman; the environment, animals and nature.

While the tragedy that took place in the Islamic world, is being repeated or even lead to mistakes being made by the West, which created the community with the truth of modern civilization precisely the cause of the crisis. To the East, Nas) r suggested that the renewal of Islamic thought and done by digging treasure reviewing the classical heritage of Islamic thought and did not take the concepts of Western modernism as a model.


Spirituality increases

among the Islamic tradition that can not be abandoned is the tradition of spirituality and increase keimana to god. recently the study of spirituality increased significantly because believed to reduce stress levels tend to increase.

material to create human beings always act pragmatically and destruction to the substance of religion, because religion did not want the schools of materialism for the believer.

in spirituality is characterized as opposed to materialism, we can see this phenomenon of fasting, when a person's body then decreased at the same time increasing our spiritual condition.

adherents understand spiritulitas want to raise his soul with meditate to reduce spoiled in the physical with the aim of increasing spirituality itself. from here, let us all raise our self spirituality to achieve closeness to God.

the ways and mechanisms to enhance the spirituality of humanity among one another with different different ... and will continue in the next post.

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